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6 years ago @ 11:04AM


ALL Parents and ALL Athletes MUST complete a concussion

education training session prior to participation in any

extracurricular athletic activity! 

A newly passed Virginia law (Virginia Code 22.1-271.5) mandates concussion

education for all parents and student athletes. FCCPS School Board Policy 9.63

was adopted in June 2011 and reads;


 III. Distribution of Training Materials to Student-Athletes and Parent/Guardian:

 a. Prior to participating in any extracurricular physical activity, each student-athlete and the

student-athlete's parent or guardian shall review concussion training materials developed

by the CMT and sign a statement acknowledging receipt of such information. 

The concussion training materials shall describe the short-and long-term health effects of  concussions.  

  b. The signed statements acknowledging the receipt of concussion training materials shall be valid

for one calendar year and will satisfy the concussion training requirements for all of a student-athlete’s

extracurricular physical activities for a calendar year.   



 Effective immediately, all student athletes and their parents or guardians will be required to

view a Concussion in Sports online training video provided free of charge by the National

Federation of High Schools. Completion of the course, by both the parent and athlete, is

required before a student will be allowed to try out for any sport. 

You can access the course here: - upon completing the

course, print your certificate to a PDF file and retain for your records.


This document may help you navigate the NFHS Course registration and online course. 

NFHS Course Walk-through


Please download and sign the Acknowledgement form here.

The form must be returned prior to any extracurricular athletic participation.

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