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Mason Athletics

George Mason High School


Mason Athletics

George Mason High School

Mason Athletics

George Mason High School


The GM Athletic Boosters also promote Mason Athletics through grants to meet requests from the Athletic Department or to satisfy other generally perceived needs of the Mason athletic program.  

Coaches Gear – Each season, the Athletic Boosters gift every coach some Mason Athletic Gear.  Depending on the season, the number of coaches, and the cost of the apparel, this purchase will run between $3,000 and $5,000 a season.

Lacrosse Safety Nets and Baseball "Turtle"—  In early 2016, through a combined grant of $23,000 from the Boosters, Falls Church Youth Lacrosse, and the Athletic Department, safety nets were purchased for each end of the turf field in the stadium to permit safe use of the track and the turf areas behind the end lines during lacrosse practice.  In addition, a "Turtle" batting cage was purchased for batting practice to channel balls away from the stadium bleachers and the concession stand areas.   

Motorized Cart for Athletic Trainer— At a cost of $4,500 in 2014, the Boosters purchased a large motorized cart to permit the GMHS athletic training staff to move quickly between and among the outdoor athletic venues and the school, and to provide a large enough surface for the treatment of injured athletes. 

Lights— Through funding from the Boosters and individual donors, lights have been installed to permit night events at the stadium, and the baseball and softball fields. 

Donor Boards— To honor those who have contributed to the lights and the development of the GMHS stadium, the Boosters in 2016-2017 will replace and update the outdoor donor boards that are in poor repair with permanent, mobile boards guaranteed to withstand severe weather.

Stadium Visitor Bleachers—The Boosters replaced the unsafe and inadequate visitor bleachers with safe, ADD-compliant, elevated bleachers consistent with those at all of the high schools that Mason visits. The Boosters and the school board shared the cost of erecting the visitor bleachers, which seat approximately 450 people and include ramps for wheelchair access.

Equipment Sanitizer —Based on a request from then GMHS Director of Athletics Tom Horn, the Boosters provided a $12,500 state of the art equipment sanitizer for use by all GMHS teams. The sanitizer is the size of a large home freezer chest and generates ozone to clean equipment and uniforms, killing all bacteria, including MRSA. The machine saves GMHS thousands of dollars annually in cleaning fees, which previously involved sending equipment out to a cleaning service once a year. Teams are able to clean their equipment multiple times each year as their is no limit on use and operating expenses are negligible.

Hall of Fame—Three permanent Hall of Fame (HOF) display cases for GMHS athletics were created through a joint effort of the Athletic Boosters, the GMHS Alumni Association, and the GMHS Athletic Department. The Boosters funded the construction of the display case for the HOF. The Boosters jointly plan and host the HOF induction ceremonies and fund the costs of plaques for the permanent display case along with other expenses.

Flagpole Light—The boosters purchased a solar-powered flagpole light for the stadium to illuminate the US flag at night and bring Mason's flag presentation practices into line with proper flag etiquette. Total cost, $450.

Recurring Recognition Activities —Scholarships are awarded annually (seven at a total expense of $7,000), and seasonal sports receptions are held to recognize Fall, Winter and Spring athletes.

Stadium Speakers —The antiquated speakers in Moore Cadillac Stadium were replaced with high quality outdoor speakers at a cost of $4,000.

Concessions Equipment —A new grill for hotdogs as well as larger warmers for hot chocolate and coffee were purchased for stadium use. A security gate to segregate the stadium concessions area from the press box was installed at a cost of $1,000, to facilitate stadium use by Parks and Recreation.  The Boosters Association purchased a popcorn machine, bistro tables, hot dog warmer, new coffee machine as well as additional equipment for the Mustang Gym concessions stand at MEH. The Boosters also purchased a large screen plasma closed-circuit TV which is installed in the concessions area of the MEH Gym so patrons will not miss on-court action while visiting concessions. 

Championship Banners —The Boosters purchased and mounted in the Mustang Gym banners signifying the more than 100 district, region, and state championships won by GMHS teams since the school was established. The Boosters spent $6,600 to fabricate the banners, which were hung by GMHS staff. The recognition committee spent countless hours researching yearbooks and interviewing alumni and former coaches to piece together the record.

Stadium Scoreboard—The Boosters, through a $2,000 grant to GMHS, helped pay for the new scoreboard installed in Moore Cadillac Stadium in the fall of 2005. 

Training Room Equipment—The Boosters gave a $2,500 grant to help outfit the training room with equipment such as whirlpool tables, a hydrocollator for heat therapy, storage cabinets, and other durables.

Miscellaneous Grants—Over the years, the Boosters have provided tens of thousands of dollars in grant funds and equipment purchases. 



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